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Ok so far so good. Ps the order of some photos maybe confused to those in the know, memories not what it used to be
Paeng informs me he will be taking my passenger to allow me more fun and Anne doesn't mind so all round.
There was a lot of areas under water with people and livestock forced to camp on the roads

This was our first beak of the day

Then we continued for several kilometres only to be told the road was blocked so we sat down and talked about it

we backtracked and took an alternativ,e the Mekong river sure spreads when flooded.
After lots of K's down dirt roads we came to this. There was flooded land to our left and the wall to our right with water gushing out under the fence. After watching some locals wade through the water we decided to go through. the water was about 50cm deep then suddenly dropped to about 80cm due to erosion from the fast flowing water. my friend has go pro footage I will insert when I get it. Meanwhile

Here's the video I promised

Cambodia 2011 villages and creek crossing from gavin dodgey on Vimeo.

All made it through
A stop at an old temple in the afternoon with not a tourist in site

Our stopover for the night in Kampong Cham. An interesting hotel Which at first site of the interior I thought may have been a prison but apparently was an ex government building of some sort. Plus dinner at a local restaurant

Oct 18th Kampong Cham to Kampong Thum
A local version of a fuel tanker. This guy was filling at least 50 ,20ltr jerry cans

Fueled up and we're on the road

and berfore long we encounter our only hill, up to a temple called Wat Phnum Srei (I think, I knew I shoulda kept a diary)
This is one of the resident monkey's

And a panoramic from the temple

Untitled from gavin dodgey on Vimeo.

An the police bike Kob was lusting after

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