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Buy new??? Awwww, half the fun of an old airhead is obsessing over details.

Originally Posted by Wire
Bill, just get a set of 77-83 rockers off of fleabay and run them. They are the ones with the hardened tips.
Then just modify your stand-offs and they fit right on. Been doing it for years, If you watch. they can go cheap on fleabay
Now that sounds like a plan. The early /6 heads (which mine has) can be upgraded to the '76-'84 rockers, so that will be do-able on my /5.

Do you have dims on those adapter buttons? Or, better, do you sell them? I'm guessing that their ID is 15.5mm and the OD of the top shoulder is 18mm and the height is whatever that of the existing /6 button is.

Piece o'cake.
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