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Talking 2012 TE250 first pics !!

picked up my 2012 the day before thanksgiving.

it comes with a 40T rear sprocket... which is completely useless to me.

have a 52T on order which should get the gearing where i like it.

the stock tires suck.

i need to install bark busters and cut the handlebars down (they are too wide for my liking)

also need a good skid plate...

i removed the stock steering stop adjusters. they were too long.
i replaced them with some shorter bolts.
muuuuuch better stop to stop handle bar clearance now

i cut the tail section down.

removed all of the california tree-huger emissions dooky

removed all the turn signals and reflectors
(not required where i live)

ive never had a fuel injected dirt bike before so.. if it malfunctions in the woods im pretty much screwed

the bike is super light weight. .. really its amazing how light this bike is.

very narrow.
well balanced machine.

going to be a very good single track machine.

... oh yea. and it looks cool !

Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods
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