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Originally Posted by nobrakes View Post
Hey, ncTB, I think we all like the hare scramble course - why not suggest to Mike that he arrow it just like Mid-East had it laid out, and make that the "official" layout, at least for the trails that it uses. Then change it up every year - so in Feb, it would change again for another year. Probably just need some 4-way warning signs for where it crosses other trails.

Just a thought. I liked it, too.

That way, you'd get a whole new ~8-12 mile trail every year or so. And it would take minimal maintenance to replace the arrows every so often to keep them fresh.

I think that's what NCMP did this past year with the last VXCHS race they had up there, they just keep the arrows fresh and the HS track is now the preferred flow.
Problem is,the 2011 course goes against the flow of the perimeter trail.Maybe we can see how the 12 course gets done.
How come yall are just now speaking up for the HS loop?We do it almost every Sunday.I usually do it ,then link a bunch of odd stuff together.
I think yall are just now figuring out the place.
Lurch and I were talking of ribboning off some intersections.We'll see.
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