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damage is due to an overly large gap?
Not in this case-- I typically keep the valve lash at .006 In/.008 Ex.

In 2008 I pulled a couple of studs and removed the heads/cylinders to assess valve/ring wear and "decoke". At the time I was more interested in the rocker needle bearing and rocker shaft condition and, sloppily, may not have paid enough attention to the rocker tips. I have many photos of the needle bearings but only one of the rocker tips-- Right Ex, and it looks unchanged over 30K and 3 years. I probably looked at the other tips, but I can't say for certain.

Back in the day, we used to regrind rocker tips, too. Reshaping was my first thought, but the tips need to be hardened to last. Although I'm on the hunt for a used set of /7 rockers, resurrecting these is on the mind of this DIYer...
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