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TB, The 2010 HS track runs with the grain doesn't it? Maybe use the 2010 parts that we like with some sections from the 2011. Seems the 2011 used some of the 2010 course in reverse.

Guys are probably just now speaking up cause of me the "instigator". You know how I like to ride the HS courses. Maybe we could put together a friendly HS time trial format...start 1 min apart and run it for time. Having a minute man ahead and behind always makes you push a little harder than if you're just out ridin the course.

As for obstacles...have Mike and the guys build an enduro cross course. I think that would be a cool thing for guys to watch or ride when hanging around the trucks. Also wouldn't be so far to haul some broke dood's bike or body when the inevitable happens.

A53 update...CFO helped me cut some more trail this am. Think you guys are going to like it.

Gettin off the computer and going riding now.
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