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Hi Shu,
Do the panniers move around much. I have been looking at these for my DR but the mounting system for them worries me. Thanks Roger
These bags probably would move around and get in the way without a little modification. Here's what I did:

1. Use the supplied velcro on the side of tank.

2. I sewed a small 'dart' on both sides of the top yoke piece onto itself so it fit the tank more tightly. You can see the 'dart' on the right side of the bag pointing from the gas cap to 2:00 in this pic: (I'm no seamstress. I just folded it, pinned it and went back and forth several times on my mother-in-laws old machine. Done.)

3. I sewed a small loop on the front of each bag and clipped a piece of small diameter bungee cord rubber around the front of the tank. This is sort of visible on the front side of the tank in this pic:

4. As i said before, I added a drainage grommet in each side so they don't hold water inside.

Some will think this is too much work and just buy bags ready made with straps etc for $$. For me these bags are the right size, a good price and fairly well made and stout, and I don't mind doing some monkeying around to make them work right for me.

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