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Originally Posted by ncTRAILBOSS View Post
You hit the nail on the head,YOU AIN'T SHOWING UP ENOUGH.

Flowers huh??I don't know,sounds like a maintenance nightmare.I can see the guys stopping in the middle of a bed of daisys ,and waiting on the next dood so he can roost him with flowers.

Tony,we have some pretty good log crossings now[natural fallage],but 90% of the guys go around them.I even set up a gauntlet at one of them with caution tape,I get to the end,and here comes somebody[Plumbinfool]wiith tape wrapped around his back wheel.You can forget about trying to get all 10 guys over a greased tractor tire.Does a pile of motorcycles count as an obstical????????
Why go over it if you can go around it and stay within twenty feet of the course?? especialy if its quicker???? besides its ruff on the equiptment every weekend.
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