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The Official 2012 F1 Thread. Spoilers possible!

Will Bernie be a spoiler?

Will the Texan's beat him at his game?

Will the IceMan returneth?

Will Hamilton rock or roll?

Will Vettel win every pole and every race?

Will the Pole have feeling and drive?

Will Michael stay or should he go?

If he goes, can we have our favorite Canadian back?

Will we get a political education with our racing?

Will we care?

Will Ferrari be back in the hunt?

Now that India has a race, will Jaguar return to the grid?

Can Sir Frank have just one more stellar season?

Should we be making plans for an Austin pilgrimage?

Is the economy really having an impact on F1?

Will there be more overtaking, by gimmick or talent?

These and many more issues will be discussed, debated and rehashed.
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