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It's alive!

I tore into the carbs again yesterday while my wife and mother went Christmas shopping and my father was involved in a good book. I saw that I didn't clean them as well as I should have the first time, so they got another cleaning, and with all new o-rings, floats, pins, etc. I was hoping for a quick start.

Hooked 'em up, turned on the gas and proceeded to watch fuel pour down the left carb and onto the garage floor, just as before. I did some inspecting and noticed that the tiny piece of original braided fuel line below the "T" that feeds the left carb was soaking wet. Fuel was then flowing down around the carb bowl, which is what originally led me to think the floats were shot and overflowing the bowl. But on closer inspection, the hose had been kinked over the years and had split. I just couldn't see it under the braiding. I replaced it with some new line, adjusted the settings, and she fired up and ran right away. Took her around the block once or twice to tweak settings.

So happy! She shifts great, and pulls STRONG. Those carbs were obviously in great need of rebuilding. Back brake still sucks. New braided front brake lines are so much better!

Just in time... going to ride to work tomorrow!
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