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Originally Posted by ontic View Post
Just thought I would say, this is such a funny topic to research. Cars that run on water, the '100mpg carburetors', insane efficiency and power claims, conspiracy theories and mad scientists
That will do for tonight.
People thought the Wright brothers were kooks, and that crazy inventor - what's his name? Oh, Tesla - one of his minor inventions was the system that fires our spark plugs - they all thought he was nuts...

Wonder what they thought of the guy who invented the wheel?

Water injection isn't silly at all. And it's proven to work. It also leaves the combustion chamber spotlessly clean.

However, it doesn't have to be complicated. We have vacuum ports for tuning purposes and water can get sucked in easily enough right there.

My idea is a small tank tucked in behind a side cover with a solenoid valve to open or close the flow from it. Run lines to the vacuum ports. Then, at those times when pinging is most likely, open the valve.

I've attempted to clean the combustion chambers with water in this fashion but suspect it takes a bit more than a cup or two. But from that experience I do know the engine will run this way. And it sure pumps out a lot of steam!
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