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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler View Post
I'd try using a pressurized water tank with a VERY fine mist head blowing into the airbox. Some of the REALLY fine mist heads consume very little water and a little bit goes a long way for cooling. Just a little will give you the cooling effect you're looking for.
That sounds like an idea that might work fairly well.

I hung a sports bottle in the fairing of my old '83 RS with a single line leading to a T-junction. Lines either side of the T-junction lead to the vacuum ports on the underside of the carbs. A pinch valve on the single line off the bottle controlled the flow. Adjust to suit while underway at a good clip. Too much and it'll shut the motor down.

My initial objective was simply to come up with an easy way to keep airhead combustion chambers clean and operating efficiently. It worked really well.

Re-routing the horrible oil-dumping crankcase vent hose out of the airbox hadn't occured to me...

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