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Originally Posted by Crazy Canadian View Post
On the non-motorcycling front...

As we are brand new to San Diego and the 98 lbs girlfriend went out and bought a second hand sofa and there is no way she can lift the other half to get it in the house. I have help loading it at the store but need someone to help me get it in the house. No major obstacles getting it in, about 6-8 steps up to the front door and a nice wide door and it's going right inside about 2 feet from the door. And I'm sure we have a few good cold beers around for afterwards.... So any chance someone can help?

We live in North Park near University & Texas...
Yo Crazy,

I'm able and willing to help but I'm about an hours drive from ya. It isn't the time but naturally the gas... Hopefully you'll find someone a lil closer that can help. Good luck.
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