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Originally Posted by basketcase View Post
I'm trying to sort out what I want to do for my personal off-road "best fit."


Teeth 42 43 45

13 0.310 0.302 0.289
Front 14 0.333 0.326 0.311
15 0.357 0.349 0.333

16 0.381 0.372 0.356
Are you going to stay with 525 set up, or going to 520?
For me, doing limited off road on my DR, I would try a 45T rear and then swap out front sprockets as needed. Seems with a 14/45 combo you'd have decent low gearing to putter along at fairly slow speeds without having to slip the clutch too much.

Then, if you wanted to go back on road, swap to the 16T ... which gets you back to stock gearing ratio.

If someone has found a 13T front sproc. that fits the DR650, I'd like to hear about it ... and I wonder how it worked.
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