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Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
I've a feeling a 13t front would make the chain gark up the top of the swingarm slider quite quickly.

I use 14-15-16/46 in 112 link 520.

Normally stay with 15/46 though unless doing long road or singletrack.
I think you're right on the 13T. On a dirt bike I used a too small front sprocket and it did just that. Swingarm rubber sliders wore out and ... it beat up the chain as well, wore it out in short order.

The "experts" say a chain does not like to make such a sharp U turn, which happens with a very small front sprocket. In any case, I'm not sure anyone makes a 13T sprocket for the DR650.

I've just replaced my front sprocket after my Baja trip. Towards the end of the 4000 mile ride things were feeling very "rough" under acceleration, like a bad clutch basket or bad bearing!

All kinds of weird thoughts go through your head when your on your bike day after day in the middle of nowhere! I "imagined" it was bad wheel bearings and had visions of ADV8's many burned up hub bearings danced in my head!

Good news was oiling made it all go away ... temporarily anyway. Funny, the sprockets did not look that bad. But changing to a new one made the bike ride like a Rolls Royce! Honestly ... so smooth! I also checked my chain alignment ... it was a little out. So that probably helped too.

This bike is a delight! Always seems to respond to good maintenance! A new (used actually) front sprocket is a small price to pay to make things like new again!
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