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Originally Posted by Randy View Post

I don't need anyone to explain the way these things work, or how they are being painstakingly made one at a time in someone's garage by carefully trained hamsters. I fully understand that that information is readily available to anyone with 14 hours or so of spare time and that cares to read all the way through the threads.... I mean there were pages of discussion about why one dude was pissed off that someone didn't take a check.... then there was the intellectual pissing match and endless discussion of who was smart enough to outsmart an ECU...
 That sounds really funny! Whereabouts was that I'd like to read it.

Originally Posted by Randy View Post

Could someone please just explain, as concisely as possible, exactly what is currently being offered for sale at this very moment? A nice new thread with a simple explanation of the different devices, their function and how they work together or separately, as the case may be, along with what can be ordered, and how to go about doing that, would be really nice right about now.
I know you found some information you wanted, but in case you want to read more, the first post of both threads has a list of links to many informative posts.

Originally Posted by Randy View Post

ETA: Ok, skip the new thread request... I've been out of pocket for a few months due to health issues but I just reread the first post of this thread and that is a very good description... Still confused though... Is it still available to be ordered?
Like Gankplank says, the IICE Airs are available for a little while longer.

Randy I enjoyed your post! It sounded really funny coming from someone else. I got a kick out of it. Hope you're feeling better soon.


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