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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
 That sounds really funny! Whereabouts was that I'd like to read it.

Hell, I really don't remember now... it was in one of the threads... I read all of the threads and info back before I had the opportunity to miraculously and mysteriously survive a fatal heart attack at the ripe old age of 47! There was some old codger (can't remember his name) that claimed that you had agreed to take a check because he didn't believe in PayPal or some such... then evidently he wouldn't answer an email with the exact wording that you needed him to in order to protect yourself from some product liability mumbo jumbo, or some such shit... He took personal offense and you were doing the prudent thing required by today's overly litigious society.... OR, at least that is what I took away from it all. I saw both points of view and couldn't fault anyone in the discussion, but it did take quite a lot of space in the thread...

Then there was the dude that appeared to have joined advrider primarily for the purpose of trolling one of your threads and pointing out how you were not smart enough to have designed a device that did what yours purportedly does... He claimed to reverse engineer ECU programming in order to design chips for the high end car market... lots of technical jargon in that section of the thread... I'm quite sure some people enjoyed it, but it caused my eyes to glaze over in a fit of total disinterest... He seemed to be a pompous ass that's sole purpose for existing is to attempt to further inflate his own ego. If I had to speculate, and I don't, but IF I did, I'd say that his pecker is inordinately small...

And yes, you might find both sections humorous but my point was that I didn't feel like wading back through all of the irrelevant posts (like this one) to find a simple answer to a simple question...

Yeah, there is something about dying that tends to change how you view the way you spend your time...

I know you found some information you wanted, but in case you want to read more, the first post of both threads has a list of links to many informative posts.

Oh yes, I found the information back earlier this year when I read it all... but then I found that the sale had been suspended... that I had missed out, and that most of the preorder sales were still awaiting delivery. Then I posted a request here in this thread (subscribed to it too) trying to ascertain whether or not the IICE Airs would be offered for sale again... Then, on Sept 24th I took a little unplanned detour...

Just came back and was totally confused about the state of affairs... Soooooo, instead of rereading a bunch of confusing stuff and "figuring it out" on my own, I decided to just ask for a simple answer...

Like Gankplank says, the IICE Airs are available for a little while longer.

Yes... thanks to Gankplank for his concise and prompt answer, and thanks to you Poolside for confirming it. See? Asking was much easier for me... AND it got me straight forward information straight from the horses mouth...

Randy I enjoyed your post! It sounded really funny coming from someone else. I got a kick out of it. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Well, I'm certainly glad that you enjoyed it... Not exactly sure what sounded funny coming from "someone else"... While not exactly simple minded, I do tend to pick and choose the battles I fight and the conversations I have... there is just something about the year I've had that tends to focus the mind... my dick is as big as it'll ever be and I don't feel the need to compensate for it in the least. So while I can come across as a prick sometime, it's nice when others can actually detect the crotchety levity that I sometimes pass off as ill tempered ignorance...

And I am feeling better although the doc says it will take a while for me to get fully back to being myself again. Thanks for your concern

Now, where did I hide my Paypal login info...?
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