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Well, I'm certainly glad that you enjoyed it... Not exactly sure what sounded funny coming from "someone else"... While not exactly simple minded, I do tend to pick and choose the battles I fight and the conversations I have... there is just something about the year I've had that tends to focus the mind... my dick is as big as it'll ever be and I don't feel the need to compensate for it in the least. So while I can come across as a prick sometime, it's nice when others can actually detect the crotchety levity that I sometimes pass off as ill tempered ignorance...

And I am feeling better although the doc says it will take a while for me to get fully back to being myself again. Thanks for your concern.
The 'someone else' just means a third party, and I get a kick out of your crotchety levity point of view. You certainly earned the right to not be politically correct. I'm sure there were many other people who felt exactly the same way when reading the goings on in the thread, but kept a low profile.

Thanks for your order Randy! Glad you're on the mend.


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