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Originally Posted by KSBEERHUNTER View Post
I have a 01 1150gs and was interested in your IICE AIR but then I see you are
getting ready to produce a product called IICE COOL. What is the difference?
Does the IICE COOL product require the IICE AIR, or first product to work? Or
are they two different products? I assume that they are both products to
enrichen the fuel mixture? I was thinking that your second product may be an
improved version of the first product. Please explain what the intended usages
are please. I don't want to miss out on the IICE AIR product if I need it but
don't want to purchase it if your second IICE COOL product is a new and improved
Originally Posted by Plane Dr View Post
To keep poolside working.... Air is based off the intake air temp and adjust mixture when the throttle transitions. Cool is going to use the oil temp to adjust the mixture in other throttle and engine transitions (it's late) so they basically need to work together. If I recall neither should effect steady state running when the O2 sensor kicks in.

Head to the first post. lots of reading.....
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The IICE Air and IICE Cool are 2 separate products that work together to help the engine respond with more authority when you twist the throttle.

The IICE Cool requires the IICE Air to function properly.
The IICE Air FINAL SALE is still active so you can order one now. Once the FINAL SALE concludes then IICE Air's will no longer be available to order as the production shifts to making IICE Cools.

The 1st post of this thread has a link to the IICE Air vendors thread where you can order an IICE Air.

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