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Originally Posted by BMWRSNUT View Post
As I understand the issue:
  1. The stock BMW 41mm Marzocchis separate the rebound & compression damping functions;
  2. You can only instal one Emulator on the right hand side (rebound damping). Emulators do rebound & compression damping functions. You need to disable the damping on the right leg by drilling out the holes that control the damping on that the fork leg. Once drilled you can't go back;
  3. The compression damping in the left leg is controlled by a taper on that leg. That is why there is no compression damping at the start of the stroke, but this rises steeply as the leg compresses. This would be in addition to what the emulator would do - difficult to fine tune;
  4. The situation is often compounded by people putting in progressive fork springs, which makes 'tuning' the suspension almost impossible - as the fork compresses you get varying interactions between increasing spring rate, compression damping etc.
Dr Bob is a Racetech retailer. He could do this if you want, but...

Here's a link to Anton Largiaders write up on the forks

Just made an agreement to sell a further $430.00 of parts from the bike. I've added that into the previous post where I itemised parts sold recently.
What Rob has done a few of, is to toss the compression side damper rod away and fit another rebound leg damper rod, then fit 2 emulators. Very sucessful I hear.
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