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Originally Posted by BogeyMan View Post
Wow. $350. For ONE light.

That's a bit rich for me. I'm sure they're good. But $350 for a product that houses 4 $15 LEDs plus some electronics? Yes, you can buy those LEDs for less than $15 a piece (here). Don't get me wrong, someone spent a bunch of time designing the circuitry and the housing to make all this work and then of course there's the manufacturing costs.

For now I'll stick with my candle-bright stock headlamp for the once-in-a-blue-moon time when I'm out after dark on the dirt bike. For others, I'm sure they'll see this as a good deal...
That is a bit rich, BUT....

1) If you're so smart, why aint you rich? Feel free to whip up some competition with those $15 LEDs, your CNC mill, and an injection molding machine. And an EE and board manufacturer.

2) Those $15 LEDs list 260lm output. 260 x 4 ≠ 3600.

Personally, I'll stick with the $100 imports sold elsewhere on this site, but I can't fault someone selling high-end cutting-edge products for asking an appropriate price.
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