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Originally Posted by mikegc View Post
Okay, I'm very new to this. I took a 200 mile trip with the new helmet and the SRC system yesterday. I'm confident the helmet will break it as it was only mildly distracting yesterday and not like the initial problems after installing the SRC. Frankly, I was impressed with the SRC system and found linking my iPhone to it very easy. The music quality was good and it only skipped or broke Bluetooth connection a few times.

How do you "control the iPod app . . . hands free."

Hope you found the answer before now but with your iPhone "connected", just press the SRCS Mobile button (middle one) and wait for the iPhone's Voice Control "ding". Then, speaking in a normal voice, say Play Artist blah blah blah. Or, Play Playlist blah blah blah, or say, Next Song, Previous Song.

This is all in your iPhone User Guide.

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