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Huchins Creek O-WB No longer there.

The Huchins Creek bridge on this file is no longer there.
The picture I included was after a huge flood (about 2 years ago)---we crossed it--but had to jump a small washout--then build rocks for a ramp on one side. After that---someone took the boards off the bridge---and now it is no longer there. It just appears state funds are not there and they are not going to rebuild it.

Sad for me--as it was on my favorite one lane dirt road in all of Southern Illinois---in which there was a really neat river ford also.

Now-------you can get around it easily---just to the side of the bridge---but it's private and 2 people that live down in there (crazy people) that I have run into are determined that this road never re-opens---they run off and discourage travel on the road on either side of the bridge. One lady is definitely crazy--a hermit. If you ride down to where the bridge was just to look at it----one of them will run down there with folded arms and stare at you until you leave. It's a public road.

I sat there with a friend one time for an hour---and they just stared at you.
I think they are the ones that removed the boards and promoted the whole thing washing away.
Now they got a few miles of dead road all to themselves--guess who pays for keeping the road in repair ???
Me and you.

Once when I was there just to admire the beautiful place---I turned back and the crazy lady took a swing at me and knocked the mirror on my 950 backwards as I was riding.

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