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Originally Posted by Sibbo View Post
She's doing just fine mate !

I reckon gearboxes are a bit like Pandora's Box ... don't open unless really necessary .
Great to hear Tilly is running well.
The big boat is now all painted, tarted up and tidied. Engine starts and runs OK (thanks for adamantly pointing me to timing issues). Photos are all taken, gear and extras are all organized and photographed. Now I need to create a new online album for the photos and write up my ebay description... wish me luck. I'll send you the links when I'm done.

About pandoras box- against some good advice and some of my own beter judgment I will soon be prying at the hinges and seeing if I can pop at least a couple of these boxes right open
I got my motobins order done. Between all the G/S stuff and a couple of things the 90/6 needs, the final bill was.... significant.
I'll leave the details as a pleasant surprise for when it all arrives. At the moment I am trying to get over the separation anxiety I am suffering from dropping that pile of cash. I won't be buying myself a christmas present this year, that's for sure.
At least most of the serious spending is now done. Before the motobins order the last significant things weren't too bad because I spread them out more, forks, wheel, ohlins rear, tank, custom triple, etc, etc... they didn't really hurt like this one did.

Once all the new parts arrive from the UK, and my front end stuff arrives from the US, then I will have plenty to do and keep me occupied in the shed over summer.
I'll be slowly putting aside a bit of money for Paul Rooney and my frame and swing arm- which will get dealt with once I have completely sorted out the front end and the subframe and pannier frame.
I've got a friend who also wants a set of alloy panniers (who is currently welding aluminium for his living) so we will probably set about making a couple of pannier pairs together.

Electrical (charging system, possibly ignition) upgrades is something I don't want to think of yet and will leave until much later.

Anyway, not much to update other than all this. Work is busy, and I need to work as much as I can to refill the bank account.

Note to self: do not even think about doing this kind of thing to another bike. Once is enough
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