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G'day mate .... I'm glad the boat is right ,one less thing to worry about ! I'm starting to get worried about this g/s of yours , all the gold plating will look funny with mud on it !

Just in case you haven't worked out a system to hang your panniers I'll show mine off ! (again !)It's kind of my idea with huge bits stolen from all over the place .As you know they are a couple of Thermite cases , ex US army . $80 each from a disposal store ...yeah ,I know I've told you but they are good, light and waterproof .

Not to everyone taste of course butthe mounting system works well .They are dead easy and quick to mount and dismount .The black material is 12mm HDPE from my local plastics shop .$30 for the lot plus a pile of useful scrap from their bin ...I couldn't resist ! Bolts are 6mm stainless 304 and nylocs .8mm ply on the inside of the cases .

The top black tab (the narrow one ) and the long one at the bottom drop in and over the frame .The white things are steel ,about 6x40 mm if I remember ) Fairly solid , heavier than needed really but it was the size flat I had there .They pivot around to release or lock the onto the bar then pull inside the case with a HDPE handscrew on a 12mm thread.I t works very well and taps easily .There is a dome nut sitting inside to lock things if the cases are going to stay on for a long ride .It takes about 60 seconds to drop them off , the same to mount them .

The rack is 12mm mild cos I like welding steel and don't have nice new 21st century welding tech like you . Mild probably adds a kg or so but is very easy to work with and repair if I break it . It was a bit of a bugger to fit but it's solid .

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