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Recieved my IICE Air a few weeks back but have been busy with work to install the unit.

Living here in Singapore and riding around South East Asia, I will probably be toying around the -20 or -30 settings on this new toy.

The ambient temperature in this parts of the world ranges some 26 deg Celcius to 35 deg Celcius all year round.

Installation was so easy on the 08 GSA and the only hard part was to figure out where to secure the mystical box but it did not take me long as i was also impatient, i just cable tied it down to prevent too movements.

Left the jumper at the -20 setting and started the bike, i noticed immediately that it ran smoother and with less growl. Took the bike for a 20-30min ride along the highways and noticed the throttle response has indeed improved and when i closed the throttle upon entering a corner, the popping sound of the stock exhuast was eliminated.

I will be taking this bike for a ride up North into Thailand this Wednesday and will be spending the next 10 days on the road. I am hoping the monsoon weather will not posed too much of am arse to the riding. And of course the flooding in Thailand isnt so bad. I'll probably take it as a "river crossing".

Will monitor the progress but first will need a full tank on the GSA to see how much improvement this new toy will bring!!

I'll probably be able to report back after 6-8 tanks to give everyone some feedback on how the IICE Air is doing in this part of the world - South East Asia!!!

I also like to thank a fellow inmate for helping me with this purchase since it is not available internationally!! But i reckon it should be available to all.... it is indeed reasonably priced and it does what it says!! Looking forward to the Cool even though i havent read much about it and whether it will be relevant for this bike in this part of the world.
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