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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil View Post
+1. Also, after doing all this nonsense--never ever sell it.

Loving this thread
Thanks, I hope the thread will have a bit more substance soon,
And yeah, this one for sure I never plan on selling. I've ummed an ahhed about selling off the 90/6 if I end up going for an extended ride OS (along with selling off most of my other worldly possessions), but every time I think I have come to the mental space where I might be able to sell it... I fall in love with it again. But, the reality is, depending on what the plan is, when the time comes the 90/6 may have to go.

Originally Posted by Sibbo View Post
G'day mate .... I'm glad the boat is right ,one less thing to worry about ! I'm starting to get worried about this g/s of yours , all the gold plating will look funny with mud on it !

Just in case you haven't worked out a system to hang your panniers I'll show mine off !
Thanks mate, yeah it is going to be a load off my mind when that thing finally sells... something around a 2-3 ton load I can't wait.

Don't get too worried about the G/S. Gold plating or not, it'll get covered in mud and used just like it should be, you've seen what I put my 90/6 through? Tough love is my approach

Thanks for posting up your pannier and mounting system.
I do really like those boxes. How many liters are they again?
Your mounting system is great. I'm not sure which way I'll go with that, but quick dismountable is what I am after too- however I'd like to be able to dismount them (and lock them on) without emptying or opening the panniers.

What I am hoping for the panniers I will make up is for them to be a really good custom fit this bike and its intended use. I'll be using the panniers in combination with a expandable soft luggage on the rear luggage rack ('horseshoe style' cheap giant loop clone), and a new-to-me (second hand, cheap ebay) Held modular tank bag (fits my big tank really well). The panniers are not going to be huge, I don't want the bike to feel like a wide-load tractor. I haven't exactly figured out the volume and the dimensions, but am thinking possibly around 70 liters combined (smaller pannier on the left, larger on right), with cutouts/angles on the lower front edge (to reduce foot/ankle damage) and cutouts/angles on the lower outside edge, and quite possibly a couple of features that make them multi use, ie, lids as tables, etc. Not quite sure on the dimensions, but in general I'll probably be aiming for a little narrower and taller than is usually done. First things first is to fit the G/SPD single seat I ordered, then make the rear luggage rack, then play around with some pannier mock-ups to see how it all fits together.
I like the pannier, rear bag and single seat combo as I use it on the 90/6. It is nice to have around 20-30 liters of quick easy expandability to grab supplies and quickly stuff them in.
Heavy, hard and camping stuff in the panniers, and softer and lighter stuff in the bag is my approach.

After buying this welder, I feel like I have to try make these things now
My pannier frames are nothing exotic, just modified stock ones, mild steel too, but pipe instead of solid. Should be reasonably repairable by just about anyone anywhere by with welding skills, and I suspect they will need to be repairable as they are pretty lightweight (and bendable). We'll think of them as crumple zones for now
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