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Originally Posted by DidYouSeeThat View Post
Test Drive completed:

Short version: I like it!

Longer Version: I did not use good engineering practices for my test. I changed two things at the same time, not one. I swapped the 16T for the 17T AND added the Device. It feels like a good setup. Snatchy throttle is gone and responce feels like the 15T but with a better ratio for cruising. Did a little dirt mostly mild, but went through enough rough stuff two try to miss the lower gear ratio... Yea, a little longing for the15T in the techncial stuff but far superior to the "Stock" Setup (16T w/o the Device). Leaving the 16T on for now, will eport back if I swap the gear back. Stock 16T but a better bike with the device, so its a win. I like it!

Thanks Poolside!
C.N. Ca.
You bet, CN.

Regarding your before and after test, this is where Marketing steps in and reminds us that the jumper on the IICE Air can be moved to the 0 or 'no-change' setting, then back to the -20 setting. That provides a before/after test of the IICE Air.


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