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Hey, it really works!

Originally Posted by Wallowa View Post
Hope your ride was a fun ride and they didn't have to come out to get you after you lost your boat or go down with an injury on the beach. Those USCG guys are unbelievable. Big stones, steady nerves and all "can do".
No, it was a fractured fibula and a bad sprain, up in some rough country above the beach. The Coast Guard crew was very impressive, and I followed up with a note to their C.O. But enough about that... I want to comment on this ICEE Aire thingee.

I did manage to get it out of the plastic bag, finally, after passing it over an IR light source and discovering the "hidden" slot along the inverse side. Kudos to JohnJen for coming up with that one.

It wasn't very much trouble to then mount it to the flashlight, using a stainless steel "P" clamp, with rubberized inner sleeve and a 5mm screw. When I plugged the two ends together, the light immediately came on, and - well, it's a thing of beauty, what else can I say? I don't claim to understand how it works, I just know that it does.

Great job, you guys in Engineering and Marketing! Our house is now a little brighter, and we can pore over our topo maps long into the night.
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