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Originally Posted by opposedcyljunkie View Post

Hmm... I always thought that the hotter it gets, the 30* setting would be better. Doesn't one need to reduce the ECU temp reading more to provide the richer mixture we want to achieve? I would think the it would be more beneficial to use the 10* setting for the milder NorthAm weather (using the 30* would provide a way too rich mixture).

Poolside -- can you chime in on this please? Thanks.
I'm working on a big reply to your question asked in post #1831, but here is a quick-and-dirty answer to this. Fuel vaporizes much better in warm air, and doesn't require as much additional fuel as when the air is cold. Now please understand, there is so much more to that that it isn't even funny, but at least this will give you something to think about that isn't entirely off the mark.


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