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Originally Posted by ben2go View Post
How water tight are those action packers?Did it get wet inside?I pack everything in dry bags, even if it's going into a trailer,but that won't stop standing water in the box from getting in the bags.
No mud/water from the trail ride.
After pressure washing there was about a tablespoon of water inside. I was imagining some of that spray in rubber could be used on the inside of the lid to make s seal...

Originally Posted by MrBracket View Post

Love the pictures! Glad to see you are using the trailer
I don't see the clips in the handles of the ActionPacker. Did the lid fly off on you at all today? Some of them snap together tighter than others. I do recommend something in the handles to keep them from comming open.

Oh, wait, after looking again, I can see you do have at least one of the clips on there. My bad.... Looks great!
Headed down the trail I had both attached. Unfortunately the one in the front had disappeared by the time we stopped (probably came off when it contacted my license plate).

Was thinking some sort of carabiner (spelling?) might do the trick. Obviously a luggage lock would work (what it's designed for) but don't want to bother with keys.

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