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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
Sure, that's fine. Either or both.

But you know, you guys are making a big deal out of this adjustment thing! Seriously. Your desire to make a lot of adjustments has more to do with your predisposition say, than any significant requirement.

I made the IICE Air adjustable primarily to allow the it to work with the upcoming IICE Cool. The primary reason for the adjustment is the -20 temperature setting is too much when the IICE Cool is installed. The IICE Air needs to be set at the -10 Intake Air Temperature offset to work with the upcoming IICE Cool's Transient Throttle Enrichment.

So I'm thinking that before making any changes, you could try leaving it at -20 for a good while. Maybe a month. Then try the same at -10 and -30. Then you'll know what I'm talking about.

But, if you want to enjoy making changes, you won't hurt anything. I'm not trying to dissuade you or anything. Only that it's sort of unnecessary from my point of view.

Good to know. I'll leave mine alone (for now) and just ride.

On a seperate note: I was joking with another friend (he's an Electrical Engineer) and told him the joke I made about the "rather challenging" 15T to 16T On-the-fly Sprocket Changing device.

My friend (the EE) said, "But that's mechanical.... Soooo .. That's for you M.E.'s to sort out..."

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