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Originally Posted by MotoMind View Post
What is the load limit?

To clarify, this is for on-road, limited distance hauling. I'm wondering what boundaries to set for grocery runs and that kind of thing.

If you prefer to answer the question differently, how much weight can the rear shock take before it's sagged out?
The design of this trailer was not maximized for hauling large loads, but instead light bulky loads over rough terrain. The kind of load you'd take on an adventure ride. For most bikes, 60 pounds of cargo is just about right.
That being said, to answer your question becomes more difficult. If you want to carry a large load on the road, a 2 wheeled trailer would suit you better, but remember unless the trailer has it's own brakes your really need to allow more time to stop. I'm 260 pounds, if I sit on the ActionPacker container, it almost bottoms out the shock. But if the trailer were moving it would bottom out hard on a small bump. Speed changes everything, the faster you go, the larger the impact the bump makes. Yes, the preload on the shock can be increased to haul a heavier load, but then you'd be stressing other frame members and possibly cause the tubing to bend or break. Again, the trailer is NOT designed for heavy loads. It was designed to be as light weight as possible while hauling a light bulky load off road.
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