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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
...Fitting a smaller front sprocket only masks the transient fueling problem. And here's something... Fitting an IICE Air also only masks the transient fueling problem.

The IICE Air, and other competitive products, are designed to enrich acceleration, not throttle tip-in.

Now, if you dump enough fuel in during acceleration (setting the IICE Air to -30 for example), it will make a small improvement to the initial lean condition at throttle tip-in. But it will be overly rich during acceleration and will not feel as crisp.

So while there is a small improvement to one, it comes at the expense of the other. It's a blunt instrument approach that lacks refinement. To fix the 'lurch and lunge' at throttle tip-in, and really make the throttle responsive, you need an IICE Cool.

Thanks for that explaination....

Said briefly (and I hope accurately), during leading-throttle the engine goes into open loop mode ignoring the O2 sensor, and fueling the engine based on a map using the relevant DME inputs -- one of them being air temp. With the IICE Air, the DME is fooled and made to think the incoming air is cooler/denser than it really is, and thus uses a slightly richer fueling than it otherwise would ... So far so good I hope....

Now ... the IICE-Cool will be messing with the coolant/oil temperature sensor. How is it that the DME uses this input during tip-in (and will be fooled by IICE-Cool) into giving us the digital equal to a bigger accelerator pump?


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