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Originally Posted by McRosog View Post
Sounds great. Whatever info you need about Greece, I 'd be happy to help!
Actually, I'm curious to know about camping facilities in Greece. What are the do's and don'ts, and what is the standard cost?
Originally Posted by DoctorAbo View Post
Hi Greg, I went hrough your site and i liked the idea behind your trip. I also liked the "To Write Love On Her Arms" Org.
Since there is some time till dio hiliades dekatria (2013) suggest that you put here your intermediate trips and any news and photos regarding your target trip.This will keep the thread alive.

Wth regard to your trip i suggest that you examine the possibility of making it longer interms of time. 2 weeks might leave you with very few days in Greece considerng the back and forth trip.
Glad you like the initiative! Time is actually not that big a problem for me - I was actually already thinking of making it a 3-week undertaking rather than 2-week. As far's the progress goes - the bike is currently hibernating, and in probably 6 weeks I'll wake it up again. This week, the first order goes out to Touratech for the first alterations to the Alp. When done, I'll make sure to get some pics in here

(I like your avatar by the way - the kid is actually supporting the very same footballclub I'm a fan of ;) )
Originally Posted by pip_muenster View Post
Acc. to its manual, you can use a special external mic which is sold separately. Unfortunately, you can't close the dust cap with the mic connected. That's fine if the cam is fixed to a roll cage in a car, but calls for trouble on a bike.
All other cams I know have similar problems.

The VIO POV cams also allow for an external mic. Again, the dust cap can't be closed, but this system has the electronics separated from the lens. This way, you may be able to keep everything but the lens in a clean pocket. Oh, and they use a standard 3.5mm mic jack.

Have fun!
Drift actually sells a silicon cap for the back of the HD170, enabling the setup to resist the elements with the external mic attached. Still, I'll be checking out the VIO

Thanks for your reactions guys!
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