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Finally got started on making use of the good info in this thread. I have been wanting to experiment with Rally mods on my DRZ. Since I ride this bike a lot it will give me good long term data on what works or not. Besides I just like building things

So far just have a bracket fabricated and bolted to the bike. Just a short section of DOM tubing cut in half with a 1/4" piece of steel welded to it. Was going to weld directly to the bike but mig welding crome-molly steel doesn't work so well. Bolts are at an angle so hopefully should be sturdy. Will loctite the bolts on final assembly.


Step 1 was to cut off and grind down the steering lock that was in the way, never used it anyway. Filled the hole with some black RTV:

Fabricated bracket, note the slot cut in the side so you can still read the VIN stamped on the frame. I once had a bored US customs officer who wanted to see the VIN on a trip back from Canada once, figure I should make it visible.

Bolted to the bike, string is there to help line it up.

Next step is to fab up the aluminum support structure. Short term it will just hold the stock headlight, my aux LED lights, stock speedo and my GPS. If I decide I have been a good boy this year I will call up RMS and order an ICO and one of those F2R roadbooks for my christmas present to myself
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