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regulator question


I have recently tested my regulator rectifier after a few weeks of tending my battery every night to get it running. You see, the battery itself was not holding it's voltage over night. Well i spent $200 on a yuasa battery and am wanting to protect my investment.

turns out my regulator is not running perfect...

At 1,500 rpms it's producing an average of 14. volts. great!
at 5,000 rpms it's producing an average of only 13.8 volts... hmmm.
this means that the battery is getting some charge when i'm riding at speed.
My commute is an even mix of about 5 miles on the hwy and 5 miles of traffic lights.

my questions are...
is 13.8 volts enough to keep my bike charged at hyw speeds?
is this a sign of future failure?
Am I at risk of killing my new battery?
can i put this repair off till the spring?

anyone have a spare regulator rectifier?

Thanks for the advice!
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