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That is all true Pantah.

The story always used to be Rusty thought he was a driver and the crew chief and that is why they always struggled for championships. Several very good drivers have been through that mill. It was no secret when Kurt was lured to Penske, yes that deal was done before he got in hot water with NASCAR and Roush, that he was a tempest in a teapot on raceday. He wants to win, that is all he wants. Just like his brother. If you are not helping, you are in his way.

I was thinking Tony too, but it is awful short timing to put together a team like that from scratch and be ready for Daytona. Unless, they take the Danica gear and team and hold her off from Cup competition for a bit until they can get it all organized again and then spot her in.

Maybe he will buy all Kenny Bernstein's stuff and go breath holding!
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