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Hello Sean, My name is Gene, I just discovered your ADVENTURE a few days ago. I also went to the beginning of your adventure on Face Book. At the age of 64, I have never envied anyone in my life, but you have already made an impression on me. Although I live near Boise Idaho, I would have met up with you in Newport Oregon for a day or so, had I found you sooner. I have a brother and a good friend that live there. We would have had a rustic place to stay and free meals for as much time as you had to spare, if only for one night. This next July, one of my Sons, and friend and I will be going to Prudhoe Bay, When we are standing in front of the Arctic Circle sign, I am going to think of you. I'll send you that picture when that happens. I wish you the best of luck on your ADVENTURE, and I'll be watching your progress thru your entire trip. Wish I had met you, Gene

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Hey thanks Gene..!!!!! rustic accommodation is my thing!!!! the odder the better!!!..
Glad you are liking the trip, and shame we could have met for a scoop in Oregon..
all the best wishes from San Francisco!! :-)
and good luck to your journey to Prudoe, take in thre Denali highway and the top of the world if you can!!! enjoy!!!!
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