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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Since so many are throwing KB under the bus, I'd like to rise to a little defense. The Penske NASCAR team (as well as Roger's arch rival, CG) have rarely fielded competitive equipment. Rusty Wallace won a championship decades ago, but with another team, and KB in 2004, but with Jack Roush. In my observation Penske has better drivers than cars. It's the black hole there.

Roger has the Keselowski kid who appears to be a phenom, but he's wasting his time with Penske. Those people are mostly incompetent if their record counts for anything.

I listened to Busch's exit tape. That Stewart fellow should tap him for a third car. Busch has a champion's exemption and gets a free start every round. He'll make hay with that and so will Stewart. They'll run up front and have a better chance of winning another Cup. Maybe even dominate Hendrick and make a few bucks.


Well, they have the kid and he'll make some noise until he smarts up and moves on.

Originally Posted by shrineclown View Post
That is all true Pantah.

The story always used to be Rusty thought he was a driver and the crew chief and that is why they always struggled for championships. Several very good drivers have been through that mill. It was no secret when Kurt was lured to Penske, yes that deal was done before he got in hot water with NASCAR and Roush, that he was a tempest in a teapot on raceday. He wants to win, that is all he wants. Just like his brother. If you are not helping, you are in his way.

I was thinking Tony too, but it is awful short timing to put together a team like that from scratch and be ready for Daytona. Unless, they take the Danica gear and team and hold her off from Cup competition for a bit until they can get it all organized again and then spot her in.

Maybe he will buy all Kenny Bernstein's stuff and go breath holding!
Random responses:
1. Penske is not in the Hendrick-Roush-Gibbs league in terms of equipment, but they do have competitive cars and big name sponsors.

2. Crusty won 18 races over two years in the early 90's with Penske equipment, and would have had another championship or two were it not for Dale Earnhardt.

3. I believe the past champions provisional only applies to 4 races per year (I think that became known as the Waltrip rule). The top-35 points stay with the car.

3. Busch may have driving skill, but his all to frequent outbursts are not conducive to team building. He would do well to learn the old leadership axiom of "praise in public, criticize in private." He wants to win, and that is commendable, but he needs to realize that you can't win all the time. And when you can't win, keeping your head and getting the best finish possible is the professional thing to do. Interestingly, the sponsors stayed with Penske, so Kurt does not have a big pile of money to bring to another team.

4. He has made a real enemy in Jimmy Johnson, and that won't bode well for his future. Jimmy seems to be all puppydogs and rainbows unless he has to talk about Busch, then it is all daggers and darkness. Hendrick could afford to hire a guy just to wreck him in every race.

5. Busch got in trouble with the law and got fired from his ride with Roush. Remember the tearful apology, and the "I'm going to be a better person" comments he made? Guess what? He's still the same old asshole. He was the same old asshole when Spencer clocked him too. How many times can you reinvent yourself? There is nothing wrong with being an asshole, but embrace it, you'll get more respect that way.

6. He's now making noise about going drag racing next year. That is cool, hope he finds happiness.

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