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Originally Posted by Motorcyclist View Post
Random responses:
1. Penske is not in the Hendrick-Roush-Gibbs league in terms of equipment, but they do have competitive cars and big name sponsors.

2. Crusty won 18 races over two years in the early 90's with Penske equipment, and would have had another championship or two were it not for Dale Earnhardt.

3. I believe the past champions provisional only applies to 4 races per year (I think that became known as the Waltrip rule). The top-35 points stay with the car.

4. He has made a real enemy in Jimmy Johnson, and that won't bode well for his future. Jimmy seems to be all puppydogs and rainbows unless he has to talk about Busch, then it is all daggers and darkness. Hendrick could afford to hire a guy just to wreck him in every race.

I don't follow NACAR that closely anymore, but I have to differ with you over Penske's and Ganassi's competitiveness on the ovals. It is a rare day when they run at the front. Rusty had some good shows but that was 20 years ago. Thier new kid looks to change that, though.

Regarding the Champion's provisional, I just repeated what Busch said in his SpeedTV interview. Maybe he's wrong or I got it wrong, but he used it as a selling point in getting a ride.

What does Jimmy Johnson have to do with anything? He doesn't have a say in the driving careers of people outside his pitbox.

The king of the modern day bad boys is Tony Stewart. The paddock media can't stand him, yet he's one of the very few people in the sport that is truly entertaining. I'd like to see him pick a fellow bad boy just to piss off the dweebs like Doctor Jerry Punch and that knucklehead 'excitement' guy who used to run around at the back of the pack. Who gave him that excitement tag anyway?

Tony Stewart, the Busch brothers, Juan Pablo, KH and even Carl Edwards are interesting because they are fast, combative, and full of emotion. They had a long line of teachers too, starting with AJ Foyt and polished by DE. Who wants to watch Jimmy Johnson...

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