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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I don't follow NACAR that closely anymore, but I have to differ with you over Penske's and Ganassi's competitiveness on the ovals. It is a rare day when they run at the front. Rusty had some good shows but that was 20 years ago. Thier new kid looks to change that, though.
Busch and Keselowski have both run up front this year. There are lots of teams that don't win any races year after year, but Penske has been winning of late and has been in the Chase for a number of years. Ganassi won several of the big races last year with McMurray, and Montoya was in the Chase. To pull that off, you have to be competitive.

Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
What does Jimmy Johnson have to do with anything? He doesn't have a say in the driving careers of people outside his pitbox.
I'm no Jimmy Johnson fan, but he is going to be a competitive force for a while, and he has teammates that are pretty loyal to him. 4 against 1 doesn't make for a good fight if you're Kurt Busch.

Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
The king of the modern day bad boys is Tony Stewart. The paddock media can't stand him, yet he's one of the very few people in the sport that is truly entertaining. I'd like to see him pick a fellow bad boy just to piss off the dweebs like Doctor Jerry Punch and that knucklehead 'excitement' guy who used to run around at the back of the pack. Who gave him that excitement tag anyway?
I like Tony Stewart as well, and he is a bad boy. But he doesn't try to deny it, which is what gives him credibility.

Jimmy Spencer won a race or two in the Winston Cup days, and a metric buttload in various modified series (where he got his nickname). He was an outstanding modified driver.

Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Tony Stewart, the Busch brothers, Juan Pablo, KH and even Carl Edwards are interesting because they are fast, combative, and full of emotion. They had a long line of teachers too, starting with AJ Foyt and polished by DE. Who wants to watch Jimmy Johnson...

I enjoy watching all the above race, but can't support the Busch Brothers. The whining and tantrums are too much for me. If you like them then that is cool, we just agree to disagree.
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