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Originally Posted by MrBracket View Post
Try putting some glue on that spacer so it stays in place. It only needs to be removeable if you are wanting the trailer to fit more than one bike. Hopefully that will take one hand out of the equation when it comes to mounting the the trailer. If glue doesn't work, let me know, I'll send you another set of spacers that have a tighter tolerance and stay in better for you.

A kickstand is one of the accessories I am working on. Not only will it make it easier to mount/dismount the loaded trailer, it will also make the trailer a better table when you are at your camp spot.

I also picked up a set of Wolfman saddle bags today and ordered a pelican side case mounting system. I'm working on other storage solutions in place of the ActionPacker tub. For some people, having a bag or hard case that is easy to remove makes it much easier to haul their stuff into a hotel room or cabin. Not to mention, many people already have saddle bags or hard cases...

Stay tuned....
Hi Mike, One other thought is a locking key, rather than the clip your using now. Just a thought. LOVE the trailer man. Nice job I forgot to mention, on my way home Sat. I was stopped twice by other bikers. Wanting to have a look see. Get ready buddy.
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