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Originally Posted by MrBracket View Post
Evan, in looking at your previous photos, the plate looks visible without you on it. In the photo with you on the bike it is completely covered and some. ProCycle sells a "clean up your backside" kit for the DR, it moves the license plate up and out of harms way and more visable. I would also check your suspensions static sag, it appears that your bikes sags a bit more than it should. Perhaps you need more preload or a stiffer spring. I don't know what you have in your top box, but if it's a lot of weight move it to the trailer, that might help too.
Yeah, as shown here (without my fat butt on the bike) the trailer doesn't block the line of sight to the tag.

When I sit on it, apparently the bike sags just a little too much. According to her pic, even using the tag bracket from ProCycle wouldn't work because it still places it below the fender.

I have the 8.3 spring from ProCycle. Notice quite an improvement over stock but maybe I can crank the preload down a bit still to get it to sag less.

Otherwise, I can always duck tape the tag to the back of my helmet.
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