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Got any photometric charts on this light? I'd be real interested in one to replace the stocker on my Husky 310. I'm just not convinced that the LED is equal to an 8" race light.

Lots of LED light manufacturers claim high lumen output but lumens don't tell the whole story. Lumens are only a measure of the total brightness of a lamp or emitter. They do not tell us anything about beam shape or distribution of the light out of the fixture. The light could be coming out the back of the fixture and the lumens would still count . And cameras tend to auto adjust to the available light level so I'm not convinced by a picture either. Pictures looking into a light are even worse (as lots of LED vendors seem to do). Call me skeptical. I would love to see light manufacturers include candlepower distribution curves or something along the lines of ANSI E9.1 so we could make some comparisons between fixtures of all types.

I know LEDs are getting better and better every day. I deal with lighting manufacturers in the architectural and entertainment business. They are all trying to develop a LED spotlight that has good throw distance and has a controlled beam pattern. Wash lights (wide flood pattern) are out there but not a good, usable working spot. So convince me that you have something that a company like Phillips has not yet achieved. I want to believe. And I would buy one if I was convinced.

PS, I have a lot more faith in BD than those no-name, big hype vendors.

PPS, this would be awesome with a PWM dimmer to run as a high/low setup.

Unfortunately we don't have any photometric charts on our Squadron motorcycle light. Tell you what though, how about I send you a complete light to test for say 25-30 days. This way you can test the light and provide us with rider feedback. If this is something you would be interested in please feel free to give me a call to discuss the details.

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