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Originally Posted by Motorcyclist View Post
I heartily agree about having a villan, and Dale Sr. was always my guy. But I want villans in the guise of Dirk Dastardly, guys like Pearson, C. Yarborough, B. Allison, B. Baker, Earnhardt and others. Guys who were legitimately tough, and didn't try to softshoe it. Maybe that person can't exist in the new NASCAR, but the Bushes strike me as Polly Prissypants masquerading as a tough guy. I don't buy that they would stand their ground for a minute. If it came to fight or flight.........well let's just say I don't think they have the fight reflex.
Even today, my money would still be on Cale in a bar fight. He was one tough little sumbitch (and I mean little... he's like 5'3")
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