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Originally Posted by MrBracket View Post

And, the new one I made today. The LED is SUPER BRIGHT! The tail light alone is a huge improvment!

As you can see, the new plate/tail light mount doesn't sit any higher than even the low profile DR350 tail light yet it raises the license plate another few inches over the ProCycle version. Personally I like the look of the ProCycle kit but if you need the extra height, this should work pretty well. I will make a cap off plate for the hole in the rear fender that has a gromet in it for the wiring to pass through. I will also put a trailer light plug in the wiring harness so it's plug and play for adding trailer lights.
Wow...that was friggin' fast!

So, i'm a bit confused. Is the light you're using with it a tail light AND tag light, or just a tag light? It appears to be both, but just want to clarify.

Integrating a plug to add trailer lights is an awesome idea.

Great job!
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