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Hey Sean,
Hope the ride is going well. You can get to Death Valley if you take the Southern approach ... heading down highway 58 to Mojave, then going back North and into the Valley on highway 14. Then down to Ridgecrest, out past Trona, and on to Death Valley. There are several ways to go, that's just one.

Nice this time of year but surrounding mountain passes may be closed due to snow and cold. But then it can warm right up and go into the 80's just like that. Lots and lots to do in Death Valley if you look around ... but bring your own food ... and out of Pay camp grounds. This is no problem.

I was wondering if you are fast enough to legally travel on Freeways? California used to have (may still have) a CC limit for Freeway riding on a bike.
I guess there are alternate routes but must be tough in some places as seems sometimes the ONLY road is a freeway or fast highway. I hope you can do at least 50 mph or CHP might have a word.

In California check out the G roads. These are county Farm roads that often will get you were you need to go.

Once you cross that border you will be fine ... nice and warm and a pace much more to your liking. Do be careful on some of the narrow Baja roads and crazy truck drivers. Watch your mirrors. But I'm sure you know all this by now. Great little bike, I love it.

I rode Honda 50's and 90's in the early 60's. Then, in around '65 rode a CL175 Honda all over Northern Baja on a Surf trip. Great memories. I now have a DR650 ... just returned from Mexico. It's very empty. Kind of nice actually ... and not nearly as dangerous now. They are getting things under control ... a bit. Don't sniff Coke or smoke pot with guys in $50,000 pick up trucks wearing snake skin boots! (Narcos ... but sometimes they INSIST!)

Safe riding y Suerte!
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