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Legend doing Dakar training...

Wow, what an amazing opportunity... especially for not only the aspiring North American rider, but also the International riding community .

JL, you're a proven veteran. And a legend in American Dakar riders. And that's not discounting your proven racing record overall.

And a base camp offering sand training, where riders generally lack experience is hugely valuable.

Las Vegas is an easy location to fly in from any US or International airport. It's a perfect fit.

And I'd also think you'd be a great judge of talent for those corporate sponsors who will eventually tap into the marketing potential of the Dakar.

Not only is your vast knowledge of experience impressive, but your interest in developing techniques for teaching others to improved riding, racing and overall success as well.

For anyone with Dakar aspirations... American or's a top resource on a very short list. An opportunity not to be missed.
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