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I think maybe your info is old or inapplicable to motorsports lights
Not so much old, maybe inapplicable.

Unfortunately, LED is the new buzz word. There are many benefits to LEDs but they are not always the most efficient light source. There are many applications where the efficiency of a quartz fixture is better than that of an LED fixture. A HID fixture can be even more efficient. A large part of fixture design is making maximum use of all of the visible light coming from a lamp or emitter. That is a function of the fixture design especially the reflector and lens system (if any). There are accepted ways to measure the usable light of a fixture. No automotive light manufacturer that I know of uses or publishes the results these measurements. Closest may be Hella who generally show a chart on the beam spread and throw of their fixtures. Until manufacturers actually publish that type of data, I'm going to be skeptical of the marketing hype.

I am not picking on BD. They are probably the best off road lights out there. I talked with Trent yesterday about these lights. His feeling was that the 8" race light was still better due to the reflector and lens assembly.

The 35 watt race light is approximately the same current draw (due to the ballast) as the 44 watt LED. But the Squadron may have more appeal if you don't want to hang a big old racelight on your bike (which in this case, I don't).

Trent is going to send me a squadron to evaluate. I intend to compare it to the BD 8" HID race light and a Hella 4000 quartz along with maybe a cheap HID driving beam. Those are the fixtures I have access to. My testing will not be scientific as I do not own the proper test equipment but I will attempt to equalize it across fixtures. I intend to setup an indoor test stand where I can get a rough idea of beam pattern and fC. Then a trip to a desert road, preferably on a moonless night, for some real world comparison. And maybe some pictures using a camera with manual settings to make sure the exposure is the same for the different fixtures.

And I'd like to thank Trent for taking the time to answer my questions. BD is obviously a company that believes in their products and cares about customer satisfaction. That is worth a lot in my book.

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